The Solomani Mind: The Solomani Hypothesis and Terran Human Supremacy

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"It's now undisputed scientific fact accepted by all the starfaring sophonts of known space, except the Aslan(1), that humaniti and derived humanoids trace their genetic ancestry to Terra! We are the untouched and purest strain of human blood! Pay no mind to the insolents of tainted lines who claim that our late entry into interstellar affairs makes us somehow inferior to them, that logic is nonsense. We needed no mythical ancestors of the Chirpers(2) to hold our hands throughout our technilogical progress, we achieved alone what the rest of our scattered cousins did only with mentors aiding them down the path to the stars!"

 - Andrea Solomon(3), TNN Commentator, 184-5634 (1114 IC)

(1) One of the Solomani scientists involved in the haut-Devroe expedition of 588 IC, a genetic anthropologist named Viktoriya Begle, came to much more controversial and, many of her peers and scientists since then say, biased, conclusions than the rest of the researchers present for the expedition. Most of Dr. Begle's theories and conclusions were disputed or disregarded outright, and were not published among the official findings of the h-D team. Nevertheless, many Solomani loyalists, including more than a few high ranking Party directors, accept Dr. Begle's body of work as fact.

One of Dr. Begle's most disputed claims was that the Fteirle, or Aslan, as most humans refer to them, are not a naturally indigenous sophont race. Begle claimed that genetic analysis of the Fteirle and samples from other animal species found on Kusyu obviously revealed that the DNA of that world's prehistoric life forms had been modified with DNA samples native to Terra. Using methods similar to those used to uplift Terra canines to become the Vargr, Dr. Begle claimed that the Ancients had uplifted Kusyuni proto-felines to become the Fteirle.

This theory is rejected by Imperial, Fteirle and Hiver scientists, and even questioned (though never publically) by most Solomani researchers. Futhermore, confronting most Fteirle with the "Begle Conjecture" is a rather egregious insult. Solomani loyalists who accept Dr. Begle's ideas argue that the fact that the Fteirle declined to participate in the haut-Devroe expedition, and even forbade biological and genetic study of their homeworld's life forms by the members of the h-D team is evidence that the Aslan have something to hide, and insist that until the Fteirle allow an "objective" scientific survey of Kusyu's plant and animal life, Dr. Begle's theory is within the margin of acceptable scientific error.

It is worth pointing out that although Dr. Viktoriya Begle is something of a heroine to Solomani extremists (racists, to be blunt), she herself was decidedly not a racist or advocate of innate Solomani superiority. As a matter of fact, late in Begle's career, decades after the haut-Devroe expedition, she was dismissed from her tenured professorship at the University of Luna after the sordid details of the nature of her relationship with her long time associate and confidant Kfouzarra, a female Vargr long in the employ of Dr. Begle's research department came to the public attention.

(2) Rooted in a long history of superstitions and urban myths dating back to the infancy of Terra's space age, the Solomani as a whole have a deep distrust and dislike of the Droyne. This, coupled with the condescending attitude toward the Ancients and the races they meddled with, which is demonstrated clearly in Miss Solomon's rant above, leads most Solomani loyalists to refer to Droyne as Chirpers, the common name used for the Droyne's degenerate non-spacefaring cousins.

(3) Miss Andrea Solomon is a well known celebrity new analyst and commentator all around the Confederation, appearing as the host of a popular holovid program called Terra Talk. Imperials and less sympathetic Solomani view Terra Talk, and its host as angry, overly patriotic drivel, but the program is wildly popular and anticipated among many, many Solomani in the post Rim War years. Andrea is a blatant, raging Solomani racist and anti-Imperialist, akin to the most annoying fringe extremist "journalists" of modern day earth. (Insert your wacko talking head/blogger of choice here)

Miss Solomon lives and works from the TNN headquarters on Mars, Sol, and it is a little known secret that she is also the eldest daughter of one of that world's top SolSec operatives, making her a dangerous person to threaten or harm. Andrea herself is somewhat unaware of the exact nature and stature of her father's position, and is surprisingly unlikely to use him as a threat against those she dislikes.

Andrea Solomon (Andrea Fabiani) 5749BA
Solomani Female, Age 44
7th Term Solomani Party, Cr 200,000 (plus liberal access to TNN assets related to her work)
Administration 3, Bribery 2, Leader 2, Liaison 3, Streetwise 1

Miss Solomon is also a typical example of TNN's Terran Humanity bias and focus. All of the major, Confederation-wide reporters, anchors, analysts and hosts on the TNN holovid programs and XBoat delivered "email" reports use surname pseudonyms derived from the word Solomani; Solomon, Solo, Solomonson. The one exception is the Arrghoun language Vargr holovid anchor "Mr. Agzee", a pseudonym used by a succession of Solomani sympathizing Vargr celebrities and based on a rather crude Anglicization of the Arrghoun term Agedzllaergh, "he who returned home". The Vargr of the Confederation are uncommon, but not unknown, and the current Mr. Agzee is always wildly popular among them, as well as among younger Sol humans who are fluent in the Arrghoun language.

One last note: Dr. Begle's name is just a silly homage/joke re: Charles Darwin, referencing the sailing ship upon which he formulated most of his evolutionary theories.


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