Some cool downloadable "posters" from NASA and JPL

Want to liven up your Solomani Rim campaign with some fun handouts? Need some new décor for your office or game room?

These and a dozen other retro-sci-fi space tourism ad posters are available to download for free at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory website.

A note about the names Terra and Earth IMTU:
You'll notice that one of the posters features Earth. Since my Traveller campaign takes place shortly after the return of Terra to Solomani self rule after the Rim War, and I focus quite a bit on Solomani nationalism (and, frankly, racism), I have begun having loyalist Solomani return to using the name Earth for the newly freed home planet. Although the roots of the word Terra are found on Earth itself, in the minds of those with a grudge against the Vilani Imperium, that name refers to the world as an occupied Vilani system. To remind people that Earth is now once again rightly ruled by the Solomani Confederation and free of alien influence, in theory at least, they've begun using the old name, Earth. The Vilani don't recognize the name change, but most library data terminals and navcomps are smart enough to understand either name.

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