Pigs in Space! Episode 2 - The ISS Swinetrek

Although the Sowlomani Pigs of Sty have known limited space travel and explored their own system for hundreds of years, they lacked jump drive until visited by a mysterious group of humans about a century ago. Those humans found Pig society rather boarish and uninteresting, and moved on after a short while, but taught the Pigs the technology needed to begin constructing jump-3 drives required to visit the nearest star systems.

After a decade or two of sporadic voyages around Sowlomani subsector, the Pigs established the Interstellar Snout Service, based at  Pequenino, where the fledgling Navy is now headquartered as well. Pequenino was chosen due to its rich resources and its central location, though government operations remain headquartered at Sty.

The standard workhorse vessel of the ISS is the 400ton Snout Surveyor, of which the ISS Swinetrek is a standard example.

 Image borrowed from Mateen's 3d Graphics
Used without Permission.

ISS Swinetrek
400tn standard Snout Surveyor
TL: 14
Crew: 5 (plus 15 in low berths)
Cargo: 20tn
Fuel: 128
EP: 12
Agility: 2
One Cutter with two Modules

Tonnage: 400 tons standard, 5600 cubic meters
Crew: 10
Passenger Capacity: 5
Performance: Jump 3, 2G, Power Plant 3, Agility 2
Electronics: Model/5 comp.
4, 1 rindcaster standard
One modular cutter with passenger/cargo module and fuel skim module installed.
Fuel Treatment: Acquisition by Cutter, on board purification plant.
Cost: MCr 264.229
Construction Time: 18 months

The Swinetrek carries a crew of 5, including:
Captain Link Hogthrob
First Mate Piggy
and Science Officer Dr Julius Strangepork

15 Hogfodder marines are also kept in low passage suspension until needed for ground operations.

Note: Rindcasters are a defensive weapon which deploy a field of semi-organic debris that provide defensive properties identical to the standard Traveller sandcaster defensive system.


Pigs in Space! Episode One - The Sowlomani Corn-fed-eracy

Here's the first entry in my attempt to create an ATU from the Pigs in Space saga. From their homeworld of Sty (0310), the Pigs have explored a small corner of their galaxy, here's the map in standard Traveller subsector format, with world UPPs!

For more information on the world of Pigs in Space, please visit the Muppet Wiki. See you next time for the stats on the starship Swinetrek, and Deep Dish Nine, Pequeninos's class A highport.

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