Pigs in Space! Episode One - The Sowlomani Corn-fed-eracy

Here's the first entry in my attempt to create an ATU from the Pigs in Space saga. From their homeworld of Sty (0310), the Pigs have explored a small corner of their galaxy, here's the map in standard Traveller subsector format, with world UPPs!

For more information on the world of Pigs in Space, please visit the Muppet Wiki. See you next time for the stats on the starship Swinetrek, and Deep Dish Nine, Pequeninos's class A highport.


Craig A. Glesner said...

Ah, Pigs...IN SPACE! Coolness. Gotta be the most unusual ATU I have seen yet, but neat. Too bad I am with the chickens. :)

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