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Greetings, fellow Travellers,
I've been  a Traveller player for as long as I can remember, going back at least 30 years to the dubious days of 4th or 5th grade in California's public schools. I'd been introduced to role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, Star Frontiers, and the obscure gem Droids before that, and quickly fell in love with the hobby. I'd heard of Traveller, but never really seen any of the products in person or really talked with any regular players enough to get an idea of what the fuss was all about.

That changed one chance day when I wandered into one of the local hobby shops with that month's newspaper delivery pay in hand, just to see if they had any new game books or model kits. To both my pleasant surprise and mild dismay, the clerk informed me that they had decided to quit carrying RPG and non-miniatures wargames to focus on their models, gaming miniatures and model train supplies. The good news was, big blowout clearance sale! All RPG hardbacks were $5, All softcovers $2 and all "digest" sized books (such as most of the Traveller line at that time, or the original D&D volumes, remember, this was around 1981 or 1982) were a thin buck a piece!

Needless to say, they had quite a selection of Traveller stuff, and though the exact titles of most of what I picked up escape my now 40something year old memory, I recall grabbing the Traveller Book, the Traveller Adventure, the Traveller Starter Set box (I think the box sets were bargain priced at $8 each), at least a dozen of the various LBBs and a couple of the Judges Guild and other 3rd party publishers' offerings. A genuine treasure trove of Traveller goodness for around $35 or $40 out the door. Once my gaming friends and I (I don't recall ever hearing the term "gamer" until years later, when I was in college or thereabout) greedily poured through all the books and figured out how to drudge through the character creation, we were hooked. No idea if those guys still enjoy RPG or wargaming these days, but as you might have guessed, I sure do.

Fast forward almost two decades, and it's 1998 or 1999, and I discovered the internet after a few years of shunning technology. Fairly quickly I was introduced to the online RPG communities by my dear friend, the late Maria DelTorre. For a couple years prior to that, I'd been playing AD&D with the roomies and a few others that hung around the large but crappy apartment we shared, and Mar was a devout AD&D fan, so we naturally gravitated toward that end of the online world, becoming quite active in the Greyhawk campaign world community for nearly a decade. Personality conflicts, boredom and the decline of my offline gaming due to real life time constraints led me away from all that, and I'd been drifting around different gaming interests for a couple years until I stumbled upon P.O. “BeRKA” Bergstedt's excellent Zhodani Base blog and website a couple months ago.

My old interest in Traveller, which had waxed and waned during my D&D and Greyhawk projects, is reignited, and the wonderful group of fans at the FaceBook "Traveller-RPG" community has me posting, and more importantly, thinking about the Traveller game quite a bit. So I throw my hat into the blogging ring once again (I've had a couple short lived D&D/Greyhawk related blogs that aren't really worth mentioning :-P ) to share my ideas and thoughts on Traveller and Sci Fi gaming, books, TV and movies in general. Hopefully some of you will find my ramblings interesting or useful.

Rich "trickeyrat" Trickey
Terra, Sol, 353-(-2504)


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